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[6:17:45 PM] clayton donaldson: illusive man, whats this about an additional ending being dlc?
[6:18:13 PM] clayton donaldson: for mass effect 3
[6:22:22 PM] clayton donaldson: prinny found the link
[6:22:33 PM] The Illusive Man: In light of the lackluster ending to Mass Effect 3, it's likely that there will be DLC. Either that or it's fans trying desperately to justify an ending that is without meaning or purpose.
[6:22:45 PM] clayton donaldson: so the ending was bs'ed intentionally to make people talk about it more....
[6:23:02 PM] The Illusive Man: Yes, but people are talking about how much they hate it.
[6:23:14 PM] The Illusive Man: Everything about ME3 screams of incomplete, like it was a rush job.
[6:23:22 PM] The Illusive Man: Nowhere near as much to do as there was in ME2.
[6:23:32 PM] The Illusive Man: No in-field dialogue between squad mates.
[6:23:40 PM] The Illusive Man: The galaxy feels empty, lifeless.
[6:23:41 PM] clayton donaldson: your forgetting the first law of noob marketing... any pr is good pr
[6:23:44 PM] The Illusive Man: No places to explore.
[6:23:54 PM] clayton donaldson: or at least that may be what bioware believes
[6:24:27 PM] clayton donaldson: i did see alittle bit of dialogue in the clips i watched
[6:24:31 PM] clayton donaldson: but i agree
[6:24:36 PM] clayton donaldson: something is off
[6:24:58 PM] The Illusive Man: ME3's side missions, not that there's many to begin with, are just multiplayer maps where you do simple things like run from point A to point B. There's no story.
[6:25:26 PM] clayton donaldson: hmmm
[6:25:40 PM] clayton donaldson: what about all the various times when you can save characters?
[6:25:52 PM] clayton donaldson: miranda,jack, and the others for instance
[6:26:31 PM] The Illusive Man: In the end, all of your decisions have ZERO basis on the ending. You could play a full complete playthrough with a paragon, do everything right, and I can be a renegade and fuck up everything, and we would both get the same ending.
[6:26:54 PM] The Illusive Man: It feels like a third of a game.
[6:26:58 PM] clayton donaldson: thats reallly....REALLLY ***
[6:27:04 PM] The Illusive Man: And plays like a second-rate Gears of War.
[6:27:12 PM] The Illusive Man: Gears of War 3 had a better ending than ME3. Let that sink in.
[6:27:49 PM] The Illusive Man: Also, a good friend of mine dug out some files from the game disc and discovered a lot of the game was taken out.
[6:28:07 PM] The Illusive Man: The VAs for Shepard say they recorded 40,000 lines of dialogue, yet only half of that figure is on the game disc.
[6:28:26 PM] The Illusive Man: There's also images and backgrounds for Omega ripped from the game disc.
[6:28:52 PM] The Illusive Man: There's a lot of cut content.
[6:29:24 PM] The Illusive Man: As for the ending, they tried to pull a Battlestar Galactica and failed.
[6:29:32 PM] The Illusive Man: No conclusion. No choices matter in the end.
[6:30:05 PM] clayton donaldson: mind if i post some of this on the blog?
[6:30:11 PM] The Illusive Man: Of course.
[6:30:30 PM] The Illusive Man: Strength for Cerberus is strength for all of the fanbase.
[6:30:41 PM] clayton donaldson: lol
[6:30:48 PM] The Illusive Man: The Citadel and the Normandy are the only two 'hubs' where you can explore freely.
[6:31:03 PM] The Illusive Man: No other planets.
[6:31:08 PM] clayton donaldson: that is really pathetic..... ( copy and pasting now)
[6:31:16 PM] The Illusive Man: No Illium, no Ilos, no Omega.
[6:31:29 PM] The Illusive Man: No Tuchanka.
[6:31:36 PM] clayton donaldson: dear god....
[6:31:45 PM] clayton donaldson: were you in story mode or something?
[6:31:46 PM] The Illusive Man: Just the Citadel and the Normandy.
[6:31:53 PM] The Illusive Man: Yes, this is the story mode.
[6:32:15 PM] The Illusive Man: But the side missions, not that there were many, consisted of multiplayer maps more or less. Doing the same things you do in multiplayer.
[6:32:54 PM] clayton donaldson: anything else that I should toss up on the blog?
[6:33:42 PM] clayton donaldson: wait... you actually played in story mode?!? o_O
[6:34:02 PM] clayton donaldson: weren't you afraid of taking in too much hamburger helper?
[6:34:03 PM] The Illusive Man: No, I mean.
[6:34:07 PM] clayton donaldson: oh
[6:34:07 PM] The Illusive Man: I played in RPG Mode.
[6:34:11 PM] clayton donaldson: thank god
[6:34:23 PM] clayton donaldson: sarcasm is alive and well today...
[6:34:48 PM] The Illusive Man: Just one more thing to add.
[6:34:51 PM] The Illusive Man:
[6:35:13 PM] clayton donaldson: lol
[6:35:18 PM] The Illusive Man: Putting it simply, BioWare have seriously fucked this up.
[6:35:28 PM] The Illusive Man: The ending essentially boils down to well, a single ending.
[6:35:45 PM] The Illusive Man: But three variations of the same ending, practically identical.
[6:35:48 PM] clayton donaldson: an ending stolen from infinite space
[6:35:54 PM] The Illusive Man: Except for three different colored particle effects.
[6:35:54 PM] clayton donaldson: go look it up
[6:36:01 PM] The Illusive Man: Red, blue or green. Take your pick.
[6:36:03 PM] clayton donaldson: its literally the ending of that game
[6:36:19 PM] clayton donaldson: and hulk totally fucking called it....


[6:52:20 PM] The Illusive Man: Fan: "Because of you, ME3 has a shitty ending."
Bioware: "That's not true!"
Fan: "They have our money. They've got us hating each other instead of hating them."
Bioware: "I just need to..."
Fan: "You've done exactly what EA wanted. You're still doing it because they control you."
Bioware: "I... they're too strong."
Fan: "You're stronger. Don't let them win. Break their hold. Don't let them give ME3 a shitty ending."
Bioware: "I tried, fanbase." :(

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