Saturday, October 29, 2011



Harrison: beat Battlefield 3
it's probably every bit the game you expect
Sent at 8:56 PM on Saturday
me: so its disappointing :P
Sent at 8:58 PM on Saturday
Harrison's new status message - It's snowing during Halloween. MIND-BLOWN. 9:19 PM
Harrison: weirdness
anyways, the American portions are disappointing
Russian parts though.....wonderful
me: yay it works now :P
Harrison: lol
me: maybe the sections were done by different studios ?
like they pulled an l.a. noir?
Harrison: I don't know. The Russian and USA parts almost feel like different games
me: they certainly seemed to ******* up enough with it already
Harrison: :P
The MP still refuses to work for me
must be the video settings
me: wanna be on the podcast next week to talk about it?
Harrison: What time would said podcast be?
me: saturday 4:30 ish im thinking
Harrison: PM? Not sure. I might just share a googledoc with my feedback for you
me: hmm
well we'll figure something out
I could possibly do it friday as well
depends on what the others are doing I guess
Harrison: Yep
Have you tried it yet?
I'd imagine not
me: bf3?
not gonna
Harrison: I figured as much
me: my faith was destroyed by their immaturity and idiocy
Harrison: EA did have some....slip-ups
And my god is Origin's implementation inefficient
me: far too ****** many
Harrison: I think Battlelog is okay, if completely unnecessary
However, needing Origin to run it as well just sucks up memory
me: its all garbage
Harrison: Yep
But darnit if the game isn't pretty
me: look at it this way,
a marriage to a ridiulously attractive women, with nothing else going for it..... will likely end in 6 months.
same for bf3
Harrison: Well, if it were only SP, the marriage would be over in 3 days
me: lol
Harrison: Thankfully, the MP is decent enough to last 1 week ;D
me: you know what?
i'm going to copy this conversation and throw it in the hulk blog.
should suffice for a review
Harrison: Go ahead

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