Friday, November 9, 2012


Alright, time for some bad news, worse news, and so forth.

Minus has changed the file limits for their service, so for the time being the podcast will probably only be available on vgrevolution who has been more then kind to us over the last few months in hosting the podcast.

For those more involved with the Hulk projects you'll remember we had some game projects and a website in the works? Yyyyeah, no money means the website is now cancelled until I'm able to find something more solid. The games have also been delayed because one of our minions is having computer issues, another minion that originally was in charge of programming has disappeared, and  I have yet to find a good candidate that could handle the later art. ( I'm more design and usability so my art skills have significantly slowed down the entire process)

and finally here comes the worse news. People want Hulk to show up at various conventions next year, but with over 800 resumes being sent to every studio whether it be an indie group or a mega corporation... their has been no interest. If I cant find work then I cant pay bills , and if no bills paid then obviously a luxury item like convention coverage is completely impossible.

If anyone would like to assist with coverage, let me know of any job positions opening up in their company, have any commission work they need done, or would like to help out with the games then please let me know here or on twitter. We're coming up on two years of coverage plus a few other milestones in the hulk projects. I really wish myself and the team weren't being slowed down by all this bullshit and I sincerely apologize for not being able to smash past it...

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